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Thanks so much!  We look forward to doing more business with you!

- Debra S. / Concord, MA

I brought the samples to our meeting and everyone loved them.  The committee was actually quite impressed.  I am confident that we will have a good order for you.

- Michael B. / N/S Brunswick, NJ

Thank you so much for your work on this order.  We really appreciate it and are looking forward to selling (and tasting!) the honey when it arrives.


- Sean H. / St. Paul, MN

Thank you. We received the product late last night and left the store about 1 AM after stocking it. I am hoping we will look great when we get the rest of the NJ products in.

Thanks for all your effort...... though it took "moving of mountains", we are finally accomplishing what started as a conversation in LA over a year ago....

- Yakov Y. / Henderson, NV

It was a pleasure dealing with you guys -- we will surely be ordering again.  I'll let you know if we need anything else.

- Hilary M. / Pinebrook, NJ

We appreciate all your help.

- Naomi S. / Skokie, IL

Thank you so much! It was a pleasure working with you. We’ll be in touch.

- Rachel R. / Denver, Co

THANK YOU for generously contributing to our event.  We appreciate your support!

The event was great. Everyone enjoyed your delicious food. Several people commented about some items that they were unaware of…now that they know they’re available they can buy them at Hiller’s!  Again, thank you for sharing your yummy food with us.  We are most appreciative of your generosity. 

Shabbat Shalom.

- Alesa S., / Jewish National Fund, Farmington Hills, MI

Thanks for your follow-up. Nice to hear from you, particularly since I was about to write to you. We've sold almost all the date honey.

- Rhoda S. / Cleveland, OH

Our Mishloach Manot baskets were a hit!!  They were very attractive when we put all the items into the baskets, and we received many complements about both their presentation and contents.

It has been a pleasure working with you both a personal and a professional level!

We appreciate your getting us the products that you don't normally carry.  We know it's a LOT of extra effort and expense for you.  The contact we have had with other companies in the process of trying to find these products ourselves makes us even more grateful for your help!!  You have been incredibly helpful and PATIENT through the process of our choosing the items for our baskets.  I'm sure we're not the first customers to be like this (or even the worst...) but I hope we can make up for it by being the most appreciative !!

- Sue K. / Highland Park, NJ
I purchased the 200gr packages of Turkish Coffee #1035 on Amazon.com and I love this coffee! I would love the opportunity to purchase more. Thank you, B
- B
Your products are delicious - especially loved the dressing I bought! Cant wait to try more and spread the word!
- Jackie G., Deal, NJ
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